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How do I become an official?

It’s very easy, find the sport you are interested in and click on that tab. There you will find information on meeting dates and times for each sport. You can also contact one of the sport board members for more specific information regarding that sport.  Alternatively, you can click here to fill out the form if you are interested in officiating.

I've never played the sport I am interested in officiating, can I still officiate that sport?

Absolutely. SNOA provides all of the training necessary to become a good official. Those who have previously played the game may have a little bit of a head start with rules knowledge and their feel for the game but it is nothing that a little extra effort won’t overcome

How do I find out the meeting dates for my sport?

You can go to the agenda on the homepage for all upcoming meeting dates and times. You can also click on the calendar link in the main menu, or click here to go to the calendar.

I am registering as a new official for the first time and do not have the proper uniform, what do I do?

SNOA has vendors that come and sell their officiating uniforms and supplies prior to the season starting. These vendors will appear at a Sunday meeting with the dates listed on the SNOA Calendar.

How do I receive my assignments?

All SNOA officials must sign up for an Arbiter account at All officials must have a current email address in order to receive assignments.

How do I get paid for games I have officiated?

You must sign up for a RefPay account at Twice per month, funds will be automatically transferred to your RefPay account, from there it is up to you on how you would like to distribute your funds.  You can check out our compensation page which is updated annually.

If I get hurt while officiating an SNOA assigned sporting event, what do I do?

All SNOA officials have liability and accident insurance through NFHS which comes from your $17.00 insurance fee paid at the beginning of the year. If hurt during an SNOA assigned event you must go to and complete the claim form. For a detailed description of the NFHS insurance please go to the Bollinger website at the above address.

If I eject a player from a game, what do I do?

Go to the resources link and click ejection report.…and fill out the online form completely, giving as much detail as possible. The form MUST be completed within 24 hours of the ejection. When the ejection form is completed you must click on the submit button.

Where are the SNOA and NIAA Constitutions located?

From the menu, click About and navigate to Constitutions.

Is there a place for me to access the Board of Control minutes?

Yes, you can go to the Board of Control page, and at the bottom of that page is a drop down box with specific dates that contain the Board of Control minutes.

Where can I find past and present SNOA newsletters?

From the menu, click Resources and navigate to the SNOA Newsletter.

Do I have to attend meetings and take a test?

Yes, we have mandatory training sessions that prepare us for the sports that we officiate. All officials must pass the NFHS test in order to be considered for post- season officiating.

How far can I advance as an official?

As far as you want. SNOA has many officials that currently officiate NCAA sports, including NCAA post-season play. SNOA currently has an official in the NFL and NBA. If progressing past the high school level is your goal, you should also attend off-season official’s camps and clinics.

How do I run for a board seat?

SNOA holds their sport board elections prior to the sport season starting. If you are currently an active member in a sport for at least 1 year, and you are a member in good standing, you are eligible to run for a sport board seat. Elections are also held for the Board of Control each year at the Annual Business Meeting held in November. Notification is sent out to all members prior to the Business meeting outlining the qualifications and process for being considered as a candidate. All SNOA Elections for all boards are conducted by the SNOA Election Committee.


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