The Southern Nevada Officials Association
Spring, 2011 Newsletter

New SNOA Assignors:  Two new assignors were appointed for the Spring Sports Season. Jim Claypoole was appointed as the new SNOA baseball assignor and Jerry Huston was appointed the SNOA volleyball assignor. Huston was the interim volleyball assignor after taking over for Larry Conover during the fall girl’s season.

Larry Conover: Long time SNOA member Larry Conover passed away back in early December. Larry joined SNOA in the late 1970’s and was a former football and basketball official.  He served as the SNOA Volleyball Assignor until his health would not allow him to continue in that position.  Prior to Larry’s passing he donated his assignor stipend check to the Association for the purchase of video cameras to be used for evaluation purposes for SNOA officials.

Scholarships: The SNOA Board of Control has expanded their scholarship fund set up for our individual sports. The fund will be in honor of these officials that have recently passed on and will be used to send officials to sports officiating camps.

Basketball: Markus Gallant and Quintin Dailey 
Football: Terry Tait and Vince Consul
Softball: Jim Lykins
Volleyball: Larry Conover   

High School Scholarships: Once again the Board of Control has set aside $4000 to be awarded by the SNOA Scholarship Committee to graduating seniors who have a parent that is a current member of SNOA. This year the board will also include graduating high school seniors that are current members of SNOA for eligibility for the scholarships. You should have recently received a letter from our President, Vince Kristosik, outlining the qualifications for the scholarships. If you would like the information once again, or have any questions regarding the scholarships, please contact SNOA Secretary Gail Anderson at The deadline for the scholarships has been set for April 15th and they will be awarded at the end of April.        

Alumni Update: Former SNOA members Marc Perlman and Tre Maddox both had successful seasons as professional officials. Perlman refereed the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers NFC Championship football game and Maddox refereed a handful of NBA regular season games including the D-League All Star basketball game held over NBA All-Star weekend. Congratulations to both gentlemen!

College Football Bowl Update: The following current and former SNOA Football officials were selected for the following college bowl games this past college football season:
Terry White officiated the Capital One Bowl (Michigan St. vs. Alabama)
Bruce Bayne was the replay official for the Humanitarian Bowl (Fresno St. vs. Northern Illinois)
Carl Gertz was the replay official for the Ticket City Bowl (Texas Tech vs. Northwestern)
Scott Teifer was selected as the alternate for the Kraft Bowl (Nevada vs. Boston College)
Also, congratulations to current SNOA football official Roscoe Meisenheimer who was recently hired as an umpire in the Mountain West Conference. Roscoe worked last year in Conference USA and the Southland Conferences.

New Board Members: SNOA recently had new board members elected in baseball, softball, and swimming. Tim Resch was elected to the Baseball Board, Marshall Cohen was elected to the Softball Board and Patty Habermas was elected to the Swimming Board.  Congratulations and good luck to each of you in your upcoming terms!
SNOA would like to thank Mike Seifer (softball), Charlie Heislen (baseball) and Earl Fisk (swimming) for their time served on their respective sports boards.

Swimming News: Congratulations to Swimming Board Member Cheryl Pearson whose son Don was recently offered, and accepted, a full ride scholarship for football to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.  Pearson is a wide receiver and linebacker who is a senior at Faith Lutheran High School.

State Officials: Congratulations to the following SNOA officials that were selected for a state final in their respective winter sport.

Basketball: (4A Boys) Phil Thompson and Tom Sawyer, (4A Girls) Gary Horky and Maria Fowler, (3A Boys) Herb Rafuse, (3A Girls) Andre Denson, (2A Boys) Tony Thomas, (2A Girls) Camilo Adams, (1A Boys) Sam Gibson, (1A Girls) Bill Evans and Kinesha Davis

Scoring & Timing Basketball: (4A Boys and Girls) Margaret Connolly and Luis Bachelier, (3A Boys and Girls) Marnee and Julee Singh, (2A Boys and Girls) Frank Roqueni and Yvonne Arguello, (1A Boys and Girls) Jerry Huston and Tabatha Hines

Girls Soccer: (4A) Alejandro Cisneros, Antonio Correia and Kevin Buckley

Wrestling: Leonard Padilla, James Guerino, Walter Sleepy, Gordon Washington, Mike Guerino and David Robinson

State Official Update: Special Congratulations to Mr. Bill Evans who at 78 years of age refereed his first Basketball State Championship Game. Mr. Evans has been a member of SNOA for 48 years and was selected to referee the Girls 1A championship game between Pahranagat Valley and Eureka High Schools.

Member Update: Longtime SNOA basketball official Rod Poteete recently went home after suffering a severe illness which kept him hospitalized and in a rehabilitation center for 14 months. Rod still has a long road ahead of him as he is slated for surgery in the coming weeks. Please keep Rod in your thoughts and prayers.  If you wish to get in contact with Rod you can email him at

2011 Banquet: The date has been set for the SNOA Banquet and Business meeting. The annual event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8th at the Orleans Hotel. The photo presentation has been a big hit the last two years so please remember that if you take any photos at any games with SNOA officials they can be used for the presentation.
This year’s banquet will have two new Honorary Members inducted. They are Mr. Bill Boyd and Dr. Jerry Hughes. Bill Boyd was the acting SNOA Secretary and Treasurer and acting SNOA Baseball Assignor at the time of his unexpected passing in December of 2005. Dr. Jerry Hughes was the former NIAA Executive Director who retired in 2007 after serving 18 years in that position. Hughes was the longest serving Executive Director in the history of the NIAA.

SNOA College Baseball and Softball Umpires: Good luck to the following SNOA members that are umpiring Division 1 college baseball and softball this year. They are as follows:
Baseball: Phil Schlosser (Mountain West), Anthony Prater (West Coast, Mountain West), Azim Jessa (Mountain West), Glenn Ballangao (Mountain West), Kelly Gonzales (Pac-10, WAC, Mountain West), Joe Burleson (Pac 10, WAC, Mountain West), Tim Resch (Mountain West, West Coast), Scott Higgins (Pac 10, WAC), John Cortez (Mountain West, WAC)
Softball: Anthony Lewis (Mountain West and Summit League), Chuck Stanley (Summit League), Doug Jones (Summit League) and Bob Garcia (Mountain West and Summit League)

Website Update: The SNOA website now has photos from the 2010 SNOA Banquet set up in a gallery. You can find the photos in the tab in the upper right hand corner of the main page. Please continue checking the website for upcoming meeting dates and times.

Pink Whistles: SNOA would like to thank all of its basketball and wrestling officials for using the pink whistles for the last few weeks of the winter sports season. The pink whistles that were given to these officials came from an anonymous donor in Las Vegas that lost his wife to breast cancer a few years ago. The whistles were provided at no charge and in return the officials were given the opportunity of making a small donation that will be placed in a special fund for breast cancer research. All donations that SNOA receives from you will be going to the Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Cancer Society and will be used for breast cancer patient education in the Las Vegas area.
SNOA would like to thank all of the basketball and wrestling officials that have already made a donation. If you have not made a donation as of yet, and still wish to, please contact SNOA Treasurer Sheila Seifer at SNOA will be continuing this campaign through the end of the year with all of its sports that uses whistles. SNOA would also like to thank member Mike Seifer and his insurance company, All State Insurance, as he will be matching your donations dollar for dollar when the fund reaches $1000.00.

Ethics Committee Update: The SNOA Ethics Committee is in the final stages of being revamped. The Ethics committee is the appeals board for disciplinary matters within the Association. Each sport has one representative that serves on the committee that is being headed by new chairman John Hathaway (football). Hathaway has appeared at some recent All Sport Board meetings and has discussed the future direction and goals of the committee.
In Closing: We would like to invite any member of the Association that has newsworthy information for the entire Association to please contact SNOA Secretary Gail Anderson at so that we could incorporate it into our newsletter.

SNOA would like to thank all of our Winter Sports Officials for a great season. If you are a Spring Sports Official make every effort to attend your scheduled meetings and continue to study the rulebook.

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