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SNOA History

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The Southern Nevada Officials Association has been serving the CCSD and NIAA affiliated schools since its inception in 1951.The SNOA has a long and storied history in the state of Nevada as it has been a part of the community and student athletes lives for six decades now. SNOA would like to recognize some of the following individuals that have helped shape SNOA into the long standing organization that it is today. SNOA would like to thank all of its members throughout the years that have given their time and dedication to the student athletes in and around the Southern Nevada area and to the entire SNOA as a whole!

All-Time SNOA Presidents

Vince Kristosik (2008-Present)
Chris Bibbins (2007-2008)
Tom Jones (2006-2007)
Jim Cavin (2006)
Bruce Bayne (2002-2006)
Bill McGee (1986-2002)
Chuck Minker (1979-1986)
Myron Partridge (1978-1979)
Nick Pugh (1972-1978)
Joe Lomanto (1970-1972)
Rick Richardson (1961-1970)
Bob Calkins, First President of SNOA (1951-1961)

Historic SNOA Commercial

All-Time NIAA Southern Zone Commissioners

Marc Ratner (1991-Present)
John Witkowski (1984-1991)
Rick Richardson (1980-1984)
Norm Craft (1977-1980 )
Angelo Collis (1968-1977)
Don Smith (1962-1967)
Governor Mike O’Callaghan, First NIAA Southern Zone Commissioner (1961)

Note: Mike O’Callaghan was elected the Governor of Nevada in 1971, and is the only Southern Regional Commissioner never to be a member of SNOA.

Original Seven Board of Directors of SNOA (1951)

Lou Anton
Bob Calkins
Myron Partridge
R.E. Tobler
John F. Heher
Mike Werner
George Maxwell

50 Year Members of SNOA

William "Bill" Evans (2012)"
Marc Ratner (2016)

Interesting Dates in SNOA History

1951- November 20th, Incorporation of SNOA

1951-1966- SNOA only provided officials for baseball/softball, basketball, and football

1966- Wrestling was added to SNOA

1968- Soccer was added to SNOA

1969- First Annual SNOA Banquet held, November 17th 1969

1972- Legal membership age for SNOA lowered from 21 to 18

1972- SNOA elected officers became exempt from paying game fee assessment fee

1973- First women basketball officials join SNOA

1975- Volleyball was added to SNOA

1976- Track and Field was added to SNOA

1977- First two female football officials joined SNOA (Anna Adams + Denise Verret)

1977- Membership voted to separate the offices of SNOA Secretary and Treasurer for the first time, thus creating one additional seat on the Board of Directors. Both the secretary and treasurer positions were elected positions by the membership.

1978- SNOA conducted an association wide survey and the results yielded: 65% of its members were married, 50% were college graduates, the oldest active member was 71 and the average age of all officials was 34 years old.

1982- Due to CCSD budget cutbacks, freshman sports were eliminated for the 1982 school year.

1985- SNOA Soccer official John Kennedy is selected to officiate the NCAA Division 1 Soccer Championship game. Mr. Kennedy was also selected to officiate the 1986 NCAA Championship games as well. Mr. Kennedy was later inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2009.

1990- Swimming was added to SNOA

1991- Basketball official Mike Brooks is selected to officiate in the NCAA Women's Final Four, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

1997- Former SNOA Basketball official Judy Peterson becomes the first female in SNOA to officiate a Boy’s 3A basketball game. (3A was the highest level in Nevada in 1997)

2000- Basketball official Bobby mcRoy is selected to officiate in the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament, the first ever Nevada basketball official to achieve that level. Mr. McRoy was also selected again in 2010.

2000- Former Softball Umpire Jim Lykins participates in the Sydney Olympic Games as an on-field softball umpire.

2003- 2nd Vice-President was added to the SNOA Board of Control

2006- SNOA Member Marc Perlman is selected to officiate Super Bowl XL. Mr. Perlman was also selected to officiate Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, and Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 as well.

2008- SNOA Member Joe Burleson participates in the Beijing Olympic Games as an on- field baseball umpire

2010- Tre Maddox becomes the first ever basketball official from SNOA to officiate a regular season NBA basketball game.

2010- SNOA Member Kelly Gonzales is selected to umpire in the NCAA College World Series.

2013- Girls High School Flag Football is played as a sport full-fledged sport within the Clark County School District and is officiated with SNOA Football Officials.

2016- SNOA Member Darryl Johnson officiates the College Football National Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. the Clemson Tigers, which was held in Glendale, Arizona.

2016- SNOA Member Joe Burleson is the home plate umpire for the NCAA National Championship Baseball Game between Coastal Carolina and the University of Arizona. This was the 5th time that Joe Burleson has been selected to umpire in the College World Series.

SNOA Honorary Members

An Honorary Member of SNOA is an individual who has rendered distinguished service to the Association or to amateur athletics in the Southern Nevada area.

Below is the list of individuals that have been inducted as Honorary Members of SNOA.

A-Gs Gu-Mo Mn-Z
Don Aiken Governor Kenny Guinn Sandy Morgan
Jim Allen Steve Hanrahan Hope Murphy
Lou Anton Ken Hefner Frank Nails
Victor Arbalaez Diane Hernandez Governor Mike O'Callaghan
Fred Atiyeh Mike Hines Donnie Nelson
John Bass Jim Holcomb Mike O'Dea
Gary Batchelor Jim Holliday Tony Paonessa
Bill Bobier Wes Hughes Myron Partidge
Kermit Booker Dr. Jerry Hughes Bobby Peck
Bill Boyd Carl Johnson Lou Pisani
Jay Brown Carroll Johnston Rod Poteete
Frank Brusa Albert Jordan John Potocsky
John Cahlan Charles Jordan Nick Pugh
Bob Calkins Herb Kaufman Vonda Quinn
Judy Cameron Bob Kelly John Randall
Chuck Chrysler Jim Kelly Charles Razmic
Phil Clark Bill Kost Gary Redmond
Linda Close Robert Kost Dale Reid
Larry Conover Jerry Lamb Rick Richardson
Vince Consul Al LaRoque Darwin Rost
Angelo Collis Phil Lawton Sammy Rudder
Vince Courtney Joe Lomanto Dr. Donald Romeo
Norm Craft Bob Lunt Hal Rupercich
Bob Crane Jim Lykins Don Smith
Al Crosby Jack Mannion Horrace Smith
Quintin Dailey Izzy Marrion George Soule
Duke Durden Don Marshall Greg Spencer
Bill Evans Ray Mathis Joe Stein
Bill Flaxa Bill McGee Terry Tait
Bonnie Flaagen Larry McKay John Tartan
Markus Gallant Dr. Bruce Miller R.E. Tobler
Bill Gladding Hall Miller Rick Traasdahl
Fred Glass Chuck Minker Art Vaneer
Dick Gregg Mario Monaco Frank Wilcox
- Ron Montoya John Witkowski
- Dick Morgan Roy Woofter

NIAA Hall of Fame

Since its inception, the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association's (NIAA) Hall of Fame has sought to recognize individuals who have had a significant impact on the lives of Nevada's young people through their involvement as an administrator, athlete, coach, contributor or official. The NIAA Hall of Fame banquet and induction ceremony originated in 1992 as a goal of Dr. Jerry A. Hughes, retired Executive Director of the NIAA, to honor such outstanding individuals. To be inducted to the "Hall" is a truly special achievement.

NIAA Hall of Fame Members (SNOA)

Bill McGee, 2017
Jerry Huston, 2017
Bill Evans, 2015
Dave Gerber, 2013
Bobby Peck, 2007
Chuck Minker, 2002 (Deceased)
Harold Ruparcich, 1998 (Deceased)
Jim Holcombe, 1997 (Deceased)
Lou Anton, 1996 (Deceased)
Norm Craft (former SNOA Commissioner), 1994

Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame Members (SNOA)

Bruce Bayne, 2010
Marc Ratner, 2005
Angelo Collis, 1998, (Deceased)

Clark County High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame SNOA Inductees

Chuck Minker 2000
Marc Ratner 2005
Jim Cavin 2006
Terry Tait 2009
Vince Consul 2010
Mark Perlman 2011
Scott Teifer 2011
John Witkowski (2013)

NIAA Executive Directors

Bart Thompson - 2015-current
Eddie Bonine - 2007-2015
Dr. Jerry Hughes - 1989-2007
Bert Cooper - 1974-1989

SNOA Membership Totals

1965 - 125
1972 - 192
1978 - 256
1983 - 238
1988 - 384
2010 - 1018
2017 - 828

SNOA ConstitutionNIAA Officials Constitution

SNOA Agenda

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