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SNOA Baseball

[Download 2017 SNOA Baseball Manual]

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SNOA Baseball is a High School Spring Sport that starts its meetings the end of January. SNOA uses two umpires for each high school game then adds an additional umpire for all post-season games. SNOA umpires also umpire legion baseball in the area through the year. Baseball assignments are a privilege and not a right thus, they will be earned. Officials new to SNOA will be evaluated ASAP to insure they receive games, if available, commensurate with their abilities. Umpires are responsible for providing their own plate and base equipment and uniforms. All umpires are required by the baseball board to attend a set amount of meetings to be eligible for post-season assignments.

All meetings are held on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. at Durango High School 7100 West Dewey Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113.

  • Board Members

    Bill Thomas (Chair)
    Term Expires: 2021

    Jim Bullock
    Term Expires: 2020

    Mike Otto
    Term Expires: 2019

  • Assignor

    Phil Schlosser

  • Instructional Chair

    Phil Schlosser

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